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Cisco ISE GUI slow and unresponsive



I am increasingly finding ISE unresponsive, when moving between tabs on the GUI

Often it takes a while to connect, followed by peroids where pages are not loading

Then it will be fine

Checks on my VM shows no over utilisation

Checks on the ESXI host show no issues

I have a local ISE, so not impacted by WAN

Are there any known issues with version



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what patch version of 2.1 do you have installed? Do you have the ERS enabled (e.g. for Prime Infrastructure integration)?. Also, have you tried a different browser?



Hi Andy

I am running

I have not enabled the ERS setting but I have pointed my Cisco Prime at ISE?

I have tried various browsers, most of the time firefox is okay but periodically its horrendously slow



Hi Simon

There are 3 released patches for ISE 2.1. If you run the command "show application version ise" from the appliance command line you will see what if any patches are installed. Release notes for patch 3 is below:

I'm not sure what you mean by pointing Cisco Prime at ISE but if you have ERS enabled for ISE/Prime integration there is a bug CSCvc40801 (ISE MnT sluggishness and high I/O when integrated with Prime Infrastructure) which is sorted with patch 3


ps I assume you have a single ISE node acting as the PAN/MnT/PSN?

I have two ISE nodes, admin/monitor

No patches installed

Cisco Identity Services Engine ---------------------------------------------

Version : Build Date : Wed May 25 04:34:43 2016

Install Date : Mon Aug 8 14:31:56 2016

I have x2 deployments, in two regions. Only one is Prime integrated using the following link. I didn't see anything about ERS

As another thought I do have integration with Airwatch MDM in both deployments. I have a feeling this sort of ties in with possible slow down

Seems like I need to patch my deployments, maybe Airwatch causes a similar problem, I will read the links

Did you get this resolved? I'm curious because we are having a similar issue even after patching.

Did you ever get this resolved?





We're running patches 1,2,4
We're still working with Cisco Professional services to iron out a lot of client side issue to resolve authentication error messages.
Slowness issues in our case were resolved to some degree by patch 2 if I remember correctly, but also by working to resolved some client software issues (turning off NIC sleep among other things) where our logs were being overwhelmed by repeated authentication failure / retries; all this being said we still are in monitor mode and haven't put this into production due to further tuning that's being done.

Thank you for the quick response. I will take a look at our policy on the power saver settings of the wireless NIC cards. Please send another update when you can. Just curious, what physical\virtual appliances are you running?

There's a document floating around somewhere that discusses the client side issue related to tuning I found a link to it on the forums a few months ago.
One of the keys for us up to this point was reducing the high average load alarms.
We've found this post extremely helpful:

Quick question though, generally where can you see the uptime etc in GUI?

Can you check that link address, it´s not working and I am very interested in that document. Thanks.


Can you check that link address, it´s not working and I am very interested in that document. Thanks.

Getting past intermittent/unexplained 8... - Cisco Community seems what you are interest in.

Article Not Found


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