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Vivek Santuka
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Very often 802.1x deployments run into Windows 7 machines that will exhibit erratic authentication problems such as:

  • Not able to authenticate when coming back from sleep or hibernation
  • Using the wrong protocol on boot up
  • Not able to authenticate after a single authentication failure

Such problems often boil down to one or more of the following problems :

Problem SummaryKB
Win 7 connected behind IP Phones will not authenticate after waking up from sleep or hibernationKB 976373
Win 7 stops responding to 802.1x after first authentication failsKB 980295

Win 7 selects a protocol different from what the GPO states.

(GPO is configured for EAP-TLS but PEAP is used because local config had PEAP selected)

KB 2481614
Win 7 does not prompt for 802.1x credentials to some users on a shared PCKB 2491809
Win 7 does not prompt for 802.1x credentialsKB 2835595
Win 7 cannot authenticate if a valid and an invalid certificate is presentKB 2494172
Win 7 selects wrong certificate for a machine migrated across two forestsKB 2769121
Win 7 Authentication fails intermittentlyKB 2736878


So if you have a 802.1x implementation or are considering it in a Windows 7 environment, these hotfixes should be pushed out to the endpoints to avoid problems with authentication. Some of these are not part of a Service pack so, they need to be downloaded and pushed out specifically.

On a side note, some laptops manufactured in 2013/2014, especially from HP, require a device driver upgrade to authenticate correctly.

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