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How can I find out which ise the client is authenticated with?

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Level 1

I am using WLC5520 and I am using it in conjunction with ISE.

When ISE is redunduancy, is there a way to know which ise the client authenticates with?

For example via debug or gui
I was wondering if there is a way to check.

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@CCC3 the ISE live log will confirm which ISE node authenticated the session.

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Hall of Fame

Depends on what kind of authentication, Web Auth or 802.1x?

you can run debug commands on command level WLC :

> debug client <mac-add-client>
> debug dot1x event enable
> debug dot1x aaa enable

as mentioned you can also look on ISE Live Logs :

Navigate to Operations > RADIUS > Live Logs


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Rodrigo Diaz
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

hello @CCC3  the quickest way to find this is through GUI, if you go to the dashboards of the WLC in the section WLANs> Select the corresponding WLAN where the client is authenticating > Security > AAA servers , you will see the servers that are listed within the authentication/authorization the one marked as Server1 will be the preference where all the clients on that SSID will be authenticated with . 

Let me know if that helped.