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ISE Sponsor Portal create account guest - create login without special characters (śćżźóęął)


I have a questions about the sponsor portal:
1. Is it possible to use a script on the sponsor portal (Create Account for Known Gueste) to create the account name with the first letter of the first name and the entire last name (selected in ise) without special characters (śćżźóęął, etc.)?
For example: first name: "Łukasz"; last name: "Świder" will create the login: "łświder". Is it possible (use a script) that when creating an account for the first name: "Łukasz"; last name: "Świder"; ISE will create the login "lswider"?
2. If it is impossible to do this above, is it possible to force that the first and last name fields be entered only without special characters (śćżźóęął, etc.) during creation.
For example: When I give first name: "Łukasz"; last name: "Świder" - it will display an error and I will have to enter my first name: "Lukasz"; last name: "Swider" without special characters to set up an account correctly - then the login will also be correct "lswider".

Many thanks

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Thanks for the tips.
Unfortunately, there are no solutions for me.
In my case, guest Login in ISE with special characters makes that ISE will send after correct authentication to WLC Information Access-Accept (Attribute Value Pairs - T = User-Name Val = łświder). The controller does not support special characters (łś etc.) and turns them into other characters. The controller creates a client session on WLC with a bad / changed login (in our case instead of "łświder" creates: "A, A.> wider"). I also do reports in Cisco Prime, where it also does not support special characters (Prime creates a new login "..> .. wider"). I know I can write in the instructions to not use special characters, but it will be difficult to maintain for my number of sponsors (there will be cases when the names and surnames are entered with special characters). So the best solution will be blocking the creation of such logins in ISE. In Cisco Prime, where we have previously created a guest account, there was no possibility to create accounts with special characters, I think that the best solution would be to prohibit special characters in logins in ISE.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I believe either is possible. Please look first at the existing solutions shown at