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Access to Campus Manager only



I am having Cisco LMS 3.2

I want to give an access to some desktop administrators so that they can pull the report of User Tracking in campus manager.

Is there any way so that I can restric users to campus manager only?

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Hardik Vaidh

Dear shivaji.

create ACL or VLAN in switch.

How do i do this?

the CM also works on same port 1741

Dear shivaji.

put cm also in same vlan those vlan are access full internet

and make one more vlan there is limited internet access or give vlan ip and make ACL in router if u have L# switch then u can do in L3 switch. create one vlan for cm only and configure intervlan routing in L3 switch.

sry but i did not get u proper wht u want to do.

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Ok...let me explain it in details

I already have a Cisco Works LMS installed on one server (All modules on same server).
I need to provide an access of only " User Tracking reports" to some of the users. I dont want them to see other modules (RME, Cisco View etc).

Are you suggesting to install CM on other server and provide access of to that server only?



Dear shivaji,

im nt suggest to u install cm on other server bcoz i dnt hv any knowledge abt server

but u can do eveytning via router and switch

i suggest to u install new VLAN for cm or create ACL as per your requirement


I am still not clear, Campus Manager, RME,Common Services, IPM all modules are installed on only one server.

Say for example server ip is,

All these modules are accessible using URL. Seperate URL for all modules is available but all URLs works on port no 1741.

In this case How can take out only CM from whole suite and put it in different Vlan?


Your LMS 3.2, which includes Campus Manager 5.2, only allows you to assign users to the five pre-defined roles that are built into LMS. (Reference) Those roles allow you to control what users can do, but do not restrict them from seeing the other modules of the system and using them to the level allowed by one of the pre-defined roles.

LMS 4 (4.2.3 is the current release) allows you to define custom roles and make them very granular. See screenshot below. I just did this in my lab and it works as advertised. The user may still see some of the menus for choices they are not authorized but clicking any of them will result in a system message saying they are not authorized. You could, if you wished, even further customize them by making a portlet on their home page with the UT Report highlighted.

Vinod Arya
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I think a simpler way would be to make those people only User Tracking Utility. They will not have to access the LMS and they can access the CM DB for UT.

CiscoWorks User Tracking Utility (UTU) is a Windows desktop utility that provides quick access to useful information about users or hosts discovered by the Campus Manager User Tracking application.

UTU allows users with Help Desk access to search for users or hosts discovered by the Campus Manager User Tracking application.


-Thanks Vinod **Rating Encourages contributors, and its really free. **


UTU still requires the client to authenticate to the LMS server. The client credentials used in UTU are not unique to the utility and can be used to login to the server's main browser interface as well.

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