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Backup Scheduling Issue on N5K-C5672UP-16G: Configuration Error 0x412c

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Level 1

Good morning Cisco Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to seek your support in resolving a recurring issue related to backup scheduling on my N5K-C5672UP-16G device, with version 7.3(0)N1(1).

I am currently attempting to implement an Environment Event Manager (EEM) that, in response to a specific event (either a daily process or a timer schedule), performs a backup to an external server. Unfortunately, I am facing difficulties as the device returns the following error:

Configuration failed with: 0x412c000d validation timed out

After consulting the Cisco community, I have identified three possible solutions, but none have been successful:

  1. Soft Reload: I have performed a physical reload of the device, but the issue persists.

  2. IOS Update: I have considered updating the operating system, but I have read that even subsequent versions (both Major and Minor) might encounter the same bug. Additionally, I can confirm that other N5K devices under my management, with version 7.1(0)N1(1a), are functioning correctly. I am hesitant to perform a version downgrade.

  3. Opening a TAC Case: I am considering opening a case with Cisco technical support. However, before doing so, I wanted to inquire if the community has any other advice or suggestions that could help me resolve the issue.

I would greatly appreciate any contributions or insights from your end.

Thank you in advance for your valuable support.

Best regards,


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