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Dear All,

We are getting the following error at the RTMT. We are using the CUCM 7.1. Any idea?

: 0: May 19 18:01:49.274 UTC : %CCM_CAR_SCH-CAR-3-CARSchedulerJobError: CAR scheduled job failed. Job Failure Detail:CAR Scheduler restarted, update ALL 1 job(s) with status: '-1','-3' to status: '-2'. Job Failure Cause:Update unfinished (InProgress / Scheduled) jobs from tbl_event_log. Job Name:1 VARIOUS JOBS Cluster ID:

Best regards


Alex Alp Bahar

I am getting the same error on CUCM 7.1(3).

It seems every midnight the Cisco CAR Scheduler service is restarting. In RTMT Criticial Services, Cisco CAR Scheduler shows uptime since last midnight, while other services have been running hundreds of days.

As the CAR Scheduler seems to be restarting and running well rest of the day, I do not think this is much of an issue. But it would be good to know if there is a fix/workaround for that. Obviously it is a software issue.


Getting the same error too now. Looks like it has something to do with the CDR Loader that runs continuously. The CDR Load job starts at 2305 every day of which is after the restart alert. I think the job is running for up to 24 hours then fails to complete which then causes the CAR Scheduler to restart so it can continue planned jobs.

CDR feed to our 3rd party logger seems to be fine, as no failed attempts are reported.

If you log into CDR and click System, then Log events. Search on CDR Load with a few days history and you will see that it runs as "in progress" for 24 hours then reports as "unfinished" when CAR Scheduler is restarted.

Restart of all CDR services does not fix this.

If a CDR feed is setup as SFTP to a 3rd party call logger then this may be causing the issue. I'm investigating further...


Hi Jay

We have got exactly the same issue.

Have you fixed this? What was the cause?

Thanks and regards


Hi Peter,

The alerts seems to be a false alarm due to a minor cosmetic issue. As i said above, CDR Loader runs continuously, but when a scheduled DRS Back-up starts, this interupts the CDR Loader which in turn kicks off a CAR Scheduler restart. When the CDR Loader begins again, it updates all unfinished jobs successfully.

Cisco now have an enhancement defect filed for this minor cosmetic issue to update the status appropriately like “Interrupted" instead of “Unsuccessful” - CSCsy90529 ( ), but this still wont address the CARSchedulerJobError in my view as the process still requires to be interupted.

Therefore, this is one to ignore and live with it seems, as no jobs or records are getting dropped.

hope this answers your question