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Cisco ISE licensing not working/updating

Level 1
Level 1

We have Cisco ISEs that are set up as a primary and secondary, they both have essential and device admin licenses. 

Both have a quantity of 2 essential licenses and each have 1 device admin license. 

Before configuring the servers in a distributed deployment (both servers were in Standalone), we saw that the licenses are in compliance. After configuring them in a distributed deployment, we get a license warning "Device Admin License is out of compliance ether due to license being expired or few Device Admin licenses present then no. of Device Admin nodes." 

We would like to note that we are in a secure air-gapped environment where we don't connect to a Cisco licensing server (secure network not connected to the Internet) and we are using SLR licenses. 

The ISEs are working and can still add users, devices, and modify configuration.

Updated the SLR code and the license warning went away for a couple of days and then came back. 

Can't send a snippet of the issue, because of the secure environment. Here is a notepad created snip of licensing from licensing tab:


Need to know how to clear the license warning?

Would this cause any configuration problems if this issue is not resolved?

Thank you,







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