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Cisco LMS 4.1 Installation on Windows Server 2008 R2, Databases not created

Hi There,

As always, I am trying to install LMS 4.1 on windows server 2008 R2 and after the installation and login to the LMS I find the following:

DCRServer is down or may not be completely up. Check if the DCRServer process is running.

And after some troubleshooting I found that the LMS is not creating the CMF database and the other databases. Attached is the installation log file, if someone could help me with it would be appreciated. Please note the following:

1. I have downloaded the installation file from Cisco website twice, so I do not think it is the file that is corrupted, also it is only evaluation license.

2. I have met all the prerequisites and requirement as in the documentation guides, but maybe there is something still wrong.



Accepted Solutions

I have had no problem with Win2k8 R2 in the past and I would still recommend this as the platform to go if you want windows.

With every new release of LMS Cisco drops support for the oldes OS they did support in the last release, so I recommend to go with the latest. If you follow this you have the longest possible support without the need to care about the OS.

In I see some strange variables pointing all to "TDMGVLMS01:9002" instead of having a file path:






As I said before, the PATH variable is also an issue and I assume it is the cause for all your problems; You mentioned to have a PATH entry in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ENVIRNOMENT beside TEMP and TMP. This is unusual, as users typically do not have their own PATH var on a new system.

Go to Start > Computer > Properties > Advanced system settings (or just open SystemPropertiesAdvanced.exe )

open "Environment Variable" and have a look in the upper part of the window if there is an entry called "Path" or "PATH".

If yes, highlight it, click on "Edit" an just copy the whole string in "variavle value". Paste it to a text file for backup purpse; Then, close the box, and delete this variable for the user;

Go down to the "System variables", scroll down to "Path" and see if it is also clutterd; If not, you are ready, otherwise save it like you did before with the user variable; replace it with the one you recreated in this thread before:


Save everything. Remove LMS again, reboot the Server, check the path variables (there should be none for the user, and a "good" one for the system);

issue again the "set" command, and verify that the above mentioned variables are not set; if that is ok you are ready to give it a new try and install LMS...

Message was edited by: MARTIN ERMEL try to uninstall LMS "uninstall Cisco Prime" but also use "clean_system.exe" after this; and for the new installation, enter "C:\Program_Apps\CSCOpx" as the installation path (not just C:\Program_Apps)

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Also Here is more info output:


C:\Program Files (x86)\CSCOpx>pdshow -brief

  Process               State                                     Pid

  *******               *****                                     ***

  Tomcat                Program started - No mgt msgs received    1572

  TomcatMonitor         Running normally                          2236

  Apache                Program started - No mgt msgs received    2436

  DataPurge             Administrator has shut down this server   0

  DCRServer             Failed to run                             0

  CMFOGSServer          Administrator has shut down this server   0

  EssentialsDM          Administrator has shut down this server   0

  ConfigMgmtServer      Never started                             0

  ConfigUtilityService  Never started                             0

  CTMJrmServer          Administrator has shut down this server   0

  ChangeAudit           Never started                             0

  SyslogAnalyzer        Program started - No mgt msgs received    2976

  ICServer              Running normally                          5096

  EnergyWise            Never started                             0

  PMCOGSServer          Administrator has shut down this server   0

  IPMOGSServer          Administrator has shut down this server   0

  IPMProcess            Never started                             0

  TISServer             Program started - No mgt msgs received    2544

  DFMOGSServer          Program started - No mgt msgs received    876

  InventoryCollector    Running normally                          3052

  Interactor            Program started - No mgt msgs received    5136

  InventoryCollector1   Program started - No mgt msgs received    5144

  Interactor1           Program started - No mgt msgs received    5308

  PTMServer             Program started - No mgt msgs received    5320

  UPMProcess            Never started                             0

  TISDiscoveryJobCreate Administrator has shut down this server   0

  SyslogCollector       Running normally                          5340

  Proxy                 Program started - No mgt msgs received    5348

  PMServer              Running normally                          5360

  NameServer            Program started - No mgt msgs received    5680

  NameServiceMonitor    Running normally                          5876

  LicenseServer         Program started - No mgt msgs received    5884

  FHPurgeTask           Never started                             0

  EventFramework        Program started - No mgt msgs received    5892

  EPMServer             Program started - No mgt msgs received    5904

  FHServer              Administrator has shut down this server   0

  NOSServer             Program started - No mgt msgs received    5580

  diskWatcher           Running normally                          5640

  DFMMultiProcLogger    Program started - No mgt msgs received    5864

  DFMLogServer          Program started - No mgt msgs received    4896

  DFMCTMStartup         Administrator has shut down this server   0

  DfmBroker             Running normally                          6104

  DfmServer             Running normally                          6416

  DfmServer1            Running normally                          6424

  DCRDevicePoll         Never started                             0

  CSRegistryServer      Running normally                          6432

  CSDiscovery           Never started                             0

  AdapterServer1        Program started - No mgt msgs received    6440

  AdapterServer         Program started - No mgt msgs received    6448


C:\Program Files (x86)\CSCOpx>pdshow DCRServer

        Process= DCRServer

        State  = Failed to run

        Pid    = 0

        RC     = -3

        Signo  = 1073741821

        Start  = N/A

        Stop   = 07/02/2012 17:39:06

        Core   = Not applicable

        Info   = Application failed or was registered incorrectly.


C:\Program Files (x86)\CSCOpx>net stop crmdmgtd

The Cisco Prime Daemon Manager service is stopping..........................................

The Cisco Prime Daemon Manager service was stopped successfully.

C:\Program Files (x86)\CSCOpx>bin\perl.exe objects\db\conf\ action=validate dsn=cmf

INFO: C:\PROGRA~2\CSCOpx/objects/db/conf/ConfigureDB.LOCK locked for the operation...

ERROR: [StandardDbUpgrade] : Database cmf is not installed.

INFO: C:\PROGRA~2\CSCOpx/objects/db/conf/ConfigureDB.LOCK released for the future operations...


C:\Program Files (x86)\CSCOpx>bin\perl.exe bin\ all

ERROR: There is no database available to change password.


C:\Program Files (x86)\CSCOpx>bin\perl.exe bin\ dsn=cmf dmprefix=Cmf npwd=pwd

'cmf' is not a valid data source for the product.

Martin Ermel

your installation is totally corrupted. Save this file to anther directory than NMSROOT on the server


(with NMSROOT beining your installation directory (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\CSCOpx)

Try to uninstll LMS. Check the directory and the services (services.msc) to see if it was successfull, if not run clean_system.exe to completely remove any parts of LMS.

Now read this document carefully:

and follow all the instructions made there. (In your case with the unsuccessfull installation I assume it was the problem with the TMP directory still pointing to "C:\Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp").

The default installation directory for LMS on win2k8 R2 will point to "C:\Program Files (x86)\CSCOpx". I always change this because brakets are not allowed in the path.... Usually I create a new directory e.g. C:\Program_Apps\ and let the installation path point to C:\Program_Apps\CSCOpx.

Now, try to reinstall LMS.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for replying, I have uninstalled the LMS as you told me and reinstalled it as in the document but it did not work, still same thing, what I did exactly before installation is:

1. I have cut and paste the clean_system.exe under NMSROOT\bin\ to C:\ then I uninstalled the LMS.

2. After that I have ran the C:\clean_system.exe.

3. In regedit I have changed the TEMP and TMP registries value to point to C:\WINDOWS\TEMP; this is under HKEY_CURRENT_USER (and these are the only values that I have changed).

4. Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Wow6432Node/ I have deleted the registry folder Cisco from the previous installation.

5. I have deleted the causer created from the previous installation.

6. I restarted the server.

7. I have created a folder called C:\Program_Apps and installed the LMS there.

Is there anything else that I have missed ?also please find attached the new installation log file


I still see one problem related to a missing perl module;

From what kind of installation media are you installing from?

P.S you created C:\Program_Apps like I usually do, but you didn't add the CSCOpx directory when the installation procedure asked for the install path. At this point you should enter something like C:\Program_Apps\CSCOpx.

Hi Martin,

I am installing from the evaluation media downloaded from Cisco website and I copied it to the server Desktop


Also Please find the outputs below:


C:\Program_Apps>pdshow -brief

INFO:Daemon Manager is not fully initialized. Process State will be updated.

  Process               State                                     Pid

  *******               *****                                     ***

  Tomcat                Program started - No mgt msgs received    1584

  TomcatMonitor         Running normally                          2192

  Apache                Program started - No mgt msgs received    1824

  DataPurge             Running normally                          4664

  DCRServer             Waiting to initialize.                    4672

  CMFOGSServer          Program started - No mgt msgs received    2068

  EssentialsDM          Waiting to initialize.                    4904

  ConfigMgmtServer      Not started yet                           0

  ConfigUtilityService  Not started yet                           0

  CTMJrmServer          Program started - No mgt msgs received    4992

  ChangeAudit           Not started yet                           0

  SyslogAnalyzer        Not started yet                           0

  ICServer              Not started yet                           0

  EnergyWise            Not started yet                           0

  PMCOGSServer          Not started yet                           0

  IPMOGSServer          Not started yet                           0

  IPMProcess            Not started yet                           0

  TISServer             Not started yet                           0

  DFMOGSServer          Not started yet                           0

  InventoryCollector    Not started yet                           0

  Interactor            Not started yet                           0

  InventoryCollector1   Not started yet                           0

  Interactor1           Not started yet                           0

  PTMServer             Not started yet                           0

  UPMProcess            Not started yet                           0

  TISDiscoveryJobCreate Not started yet                           0

  SyslogCollector       Not started yet                           0

  Proxy                 Not started yet                           0

  PMServer              Not started yet                           0

  NameServer            Not started yet                           0

  NameServiceMonitor    Not started yet                           0

  LicenseServer         Not started yet                           0

  FHPurgeTask           Not started yet                           0

  EventFramework        Not started yet                           0

  EPMServer             Not started yet                           0

  FHServer              Not started yet                           0

  NOSServer             Not started yet                           0

  diskWatcher           Not started yet                           0

  DFMMultiProcLogger    Not started yet                           0

  DFMLogServer          Not started yet                           0

  DFMCTMStartup         Not started yet                           0

  DfmBroker             Not started yet                           0

  DfmServer             Not started yet                           0

  DfmServer1            Not started yet                           0

  DCRDevicePoll         Not started yet                           0

  CSRegistryServer      Not started yet                           0

  CSDiscovery           Not started yet                           0

  AdapterServer1        Not started yet                           0

  AdapterServer         Not started yet                           0


C:\Program_Apps>pdshow DCRServer

        Process= DCRServer

        State  = Waiting to initialize.

        Pid    = 4672

        RC     = 0

        Signo  = 0

        Start  = 08/02/2012 14:36:41

        Stop   = Not applicable

        Core   = Not applicable

        Info   = Server started by admin request