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Cisco Prime LMS 4.2 & Non-Cisco Device Notifications

We're currently evaluating Cisco Prime LMS 4.2.

Something we've been trying to achieve for the past couple of days is to have LMS notify us when a Microsoft Host is Unreachable, and then to notify us once that alarm has cleared (the Microsoft Host is Reachable again).

We're at the point where the Microsoft Host was discovered, LMS incorrectly identified it as a Cisco Call Manager, so we changed it's identity to non-cisco device > microsoft host > microsoft host. LMS currently has the device listed as being in the 'Questioned' state. SNMP timeout has been set to 15 seconds, and the SNMP community is correct.

Being new to LMS Prime, and having not received any training on the product to this point, we turned to the admin guide, but we couldn't find anything that goes into detail for how to manage the notification for non-Cisco devices.

Is what we're trying to achieve possible with Cisco Prime LMS 4.2?

If so, can someone please provide step-by-step details?

We just want to be able to receive simple 'host unreachable' notifications for Microsoft servers, and the corresponding 'cleared' notifications once the server is back online.

Thanks in advance.


Michel Hegeraat
Rising star

Fault management does not support anything else then cisco. It is hardcoded to reject anything else.

You can create alerts from the performance monitoring, creating thresholds based on the sysuptime polling.



Hi Michel,

Thanks for your reply.

It's pretty disappointing that they won't allow it to do some basic fault monitoring such as node up or node down on third-party devices. Cisco doesn't have a competing product to Windows Server 2008 R2 so you'd have thought they'd realise network admins might want some of this basic visibility on their LAN management suite.

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