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CiscoWorks DFM - trap

Iam getting an authentication failure trap from several of my devices.

I know that this kind of trap is generated for an non authorized snmp query to a device.

This general trap does not include the IP address of the equipment who is trying to walk the device.

I think that is a problem of the MIB loaded in the CiscoWorks LMS.

I there a way to include the CiscoGeneralMib ?

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

This is a limitation in the way DFM handles this trap. If you need to see the IP of the poller, you will have to forward this trap to another trap receiving application, or look at the raw trap in a sniffer trace.

I have the following thoughts...

1.-The DFM development belongs to Cisco.

2.-The latest DFM loads an old MIB for Cisco devices.

3.-The load of the new Cisco MIB in the new realease of CiscoWorks LMS2.6 should fix this problem?

If this simple functionality cant be solved inside Cisco products itself... this is no good at all for the Cisco image. Anyway... i have posted a couple of questions before, and the answer never drives me to a solution without having to spend more money.

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

The part of DFM responsible for receiving traps and turning them into events belongs to EMC/Smarts, but DFM as a product is Cisco's responsibility. There is no way to load MIBs into DFM, and one will not see the polling address in LMS 2.6 either.

You should open a TAC service request so that a bug can be raised for this.