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CM 5.2.1 idle on home but running on topology

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Level 1

After running a data collection the CM home page shows data collection idle but on the topology page shows running.

Besides this problem end hosts are not discovered but Phones are.

When I try to Start UT Aquisition I get the error: "Construction of XML data required for UT is in progress.Please try after some time."

I have already reinitialized the ANI database following the advice on a similar thread.

I have no proccess diying but I see some null pointer exception on the ani.log attached.

The busy flag is always on even after net start crmdmgtd and before run the collection manually.

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Accepted Solutions

The other problematic device was (a WLC) which is also treated as a wireless device.  In any event, the patch is working.

The problem with the topology is a separate issue.  Start a new thread for that.

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Joe Clarke
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You have found a new bug.  It looks as though you have some standalone APs in your network, and this is causing ANI to die on a NullPointerException.  If you open a TAC service request, and have your engineer contact me directly, I will provide a patch.

I filed CSCtd49439 to track this problem.

Hi Clarke

I do have two standalone APs on the net.

I have open the Service request:

You have successfully created service request# 613076301.
A technical support engineer will contact you soon.

Meanwhile I will remove the APs from the DCR and investigate further.

Even after removing the two standalone APs from the DCR I see

nullpointer e java errors on the attached ani.log and the behavior

is the same idel on the CM home and runing on the topology map.

From the topology I can not start a collection because it says its running.

From the campus home page I can start a collection.

While APs are a known trigger, other switches could also cause this.  You would need to enable debugging for the core module for Campus Data Collection, re-run a Data Collection, then post the ani.log to see exactly which other devices trigger this.


I have set debug on the data collection core and run a collection.

After the collection ended, as seen on the CM home page, I disabled the debug.

After the ani.log logged that debug was disabled I copied it and is attached.

The information I hoped would be there is not.  In any event, the patch will handle this condition.


The data collection now is showing idle both on the CM home page and on the topology page.

The ani.log with core debug on is attached. But I think there is still a problem on the

data collection. I have attached a screen shot of part of the topology.

There you can see an Ethernet1000M bus but the switches are all directed conected and with

cdp enabled, but some switches and one Call Manager are not shows as such connected.

See below the cdp info from the central 3750 stack:

SWRJO1A1#sh cdp nei
Capability Codes: R - Router, T - Trans Bridge, B - Source Route Bridge
                  S - Switch, H - Host, I - IGMP, r - Repeater, P - Phone

Device ID            Local Intrfce         Holdtme   Capability    Platform   Port ID
SWRJO3A1            Gig 1/0/1             130            S I      WS-C3560-2Gig 0/1
SWRJO1A2            Gig 1/0/9             179            S I      WS-C2960-2Gig 0/1
SWRJO2A1            Gig 1/0/7             124            S I      WS-C2960-2Gig 0/1
SWRJO6A1            Gig 1/0/2             148            S I      WS-C3560-2Gig 0/1
SWRJO5A1            Gig 1/0/3             133            S I      WS-C3750-2Gig 1/0/1
SWRJO4A1            Gig 1/0/5             129            S I      WS-C2960-2Gig 0/1
                    Gig 1/0/23            171           R S I     2821      Gig 0/0
                    Gig 1/0/13            171             H       Win2000 SeEth 1/1
                    Gig 1/0/14            169             H       Win2000 SeEth 1/1
CWRJO01             Gig 1/0/20            152             H       AIR-WLC440Unit - 0 Slot - 0 Port - 1
                    Fas 2/0/23            170            S I      WS-C2960-2Fas 0/4

The other problematic device was (a WLC) which is also treated as a wireless device.  In any event, the patch is working.

The problem with the topology is a separate issue.  Start a new thread for that.


I have found SPAN sessions on two switches left by. After I removed these SPAN sessions

from the configurations and done a Collect all devices the  Ethernet1000M bus got away.

The only problem now is with WLC that shows an Ethernet1000M bus in between instead

of a direct connection to the SWRJO1A1 switch.

I will open a new thread.

hi, seems i have the same problem, after excluding the wlc from discovery, data collection and ut works fine so far.

One question, is there a patch available now?



Yes, a patch is available by contacting TAC.