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John Gooch

Device not in DCR but shows up in Object Finder?

Environment: Solaris 10(Sparc)

LMS 3.2

RME 4.3.1

CS 3.3.0

CM 5.2

I need to delete a device from CiscoWorks but I cannot find it in the Common Services->Device Management search. I can find it by IP address using the Network->Object Finder . It has an IP address, hostname, display name, and "managed by" information in the search results. Supposedly its managed by:



DFM(listed twice)

However, when I click on the device link , it has almost no tools available (limited to ping) and no device information. I'm hard pressed on how to delete the item withouth having it in Common Services so that I can select it and then click on "delete" .

Any ideas on how I can purge this device?

Also, if you know which tables that Object Finder searches, that might lead me to a solution to this problem.

Thanks in advance.

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Are you integrated with ACS?  If so, it may be that this device is not known to the ACS server.  In that case, your choices are to add the management IP of this device to the ACS server or temporarily break ACS integration, delete the device normally, and then re-enable integration.

we're integrated. What happened is that CiscoWorks could not resolve the ACS server due to a host file issue. The fix was to correct the hosts file entry and then restart CiscoWorks. Afterwards I could delete the device withouth any problems.

What tipped me off to the root cause was looking at the Common Services screen and noticing that none of our devices were registered with ACS any longer.