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Free Syslog Server


Does anyone know of a free, decent syslog server for download? I know Kiwi used to be free, but since SolarWinds bought them, they are no longer free.



Re: Free Syslog Server

This appears to be an often-mentioned candidate for Windows:

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Re: Free Syslog Server

SolarWinds is still offering a free version of Kiwi, in addition to an enhanced licensed version. Here is a link comparing the two versions:


Re: Free Syslog Server

Free to an extent (X amt of data for X time), give this a try.


Free Syslog Server

Splunk is really a great took which I would recommend to investigate to further check on the received data.

But it seems to be a better way to have a dedicated syslog service and then hook to that with splunk.

I would either simply run a dedicated linux vm with a syslog server (and possible splunk on that one as well).

An other option on a windows system could be to use cygwin and then install syslog-ng,

that would also give you the flexibility of a more advanced syslog server, but I would prefer linux or bsd.

These links are just googled:

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Free Syslog Server

I've been using 3CDaemon. It has "TFTP Server", "FTP Server", "SysLog Server" and "TFTP Client".

You can get it from


Hello Nadim I have tried

Hello Nadim


I have tried 3cdaemon tool for syslog messages but these logs are not saved anywhere.

Can you please tell me how these logs will be saved automatically?


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Did you configure the server

Did you configure the server to store the logs on a file?


Hi, I hope others find this



I hope others find this helpful.  When you point a device's Syslog IP pointer to your workstation's interface IP then run Wireshark and start a capture using the same interface, Wireshark actually picks up and decodes the packets sent from the device as Syslog and of course one can save the capture file.


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Use 3CDaemon it's easy to use

Use 3CDaemon it's easy to use !!!


For debug or rapid support

For debug or rapid support and troubleshoot, I use Visual Syslog Server for windows, is a complete tool.



I decided to created a small program what allows you to install a syslog server on a debian based Linux platform. (For the moment Ubuntu server 16.04 LTS tested). It has a small CLI version to get a live view and a web based GUI to check your archive and current logging. More info: It is completely free with no limitations and has no commercials. (To make the GUI more secure check the optional configuration section). We actually tested it with multiple Cisco devices and WISM modules.


Re: Free Syslog Server

You might probably have heard about SYSLOG Server Software but in case you don’t know about it then we will explain it to you here. Syslog protocol is known as a communication standard that is utilized by devices in a network to log dissimilar type of actions like an alternation in VPN connection, beginning of an IP connection, or discovery of a problematic file. It becomes the work of the Network administrator to check the log files and find any inconsistencies that may specify an issue in the network. Here we have a short list of some of these SYSLOG Server Softwares for your convenience. Go for the detailed list by following

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