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Hidden command no longer available


Hello experts,


We had an ASR1001-X running IOS 16.6.4 and we were using the hidden command "hw-module subslot x/x statistic poll-interval 1" to be able to monitor via SNMP every second (default is 5 secs). This command was working fine (we watched it didn't impact too much on the router performance) until we upgraded to IOS-XE 16.9.4, where it's no longer available.

Do you know if it is exists any replacement to this command which allows to do the same, this is, changing the SNMP polling interval to 1 second?




Best regards.

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Maybe try  Fuji 16.9.5 is the latest? if that feature is very important for your environment?

as per the command reference, it supports.


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Thanks for the reply,


But I don't think it's supported, since on the URL you provided says the supported command is "hw-module subslot slot/ subslot {reload [force] | start | stop [force]}" but no info on the "statistic poll" part.


Yeah, we could try the 16.9.5 version but I think the command has been deprecated and since it's a hidden command, Cisco doesn't report this changes on the release notes, they silently remove them. 

I'll try to test it on lab and let you know if it work. Thanks!

Please do test and let us know how it goes, i am sure TAC will have informaton. if i were you i raise TAC case to know more about that command (if that was business requirement and it was working before).


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