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Hi I'd like to know now syllabus of CCNA 200-301 code's Network automation. It shows that I need to learn python along with the automation. But I don't see any way to get the syllabus for python and automation. I really need to know about python and ...

cyborgsri by Beginner
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Hello all,We are having nothing but trouble with PXE/WDS imaging through a newly installed 3850. Before we installed this switch, we were running our office off a 2921 with a 24port switch module installed. PXE worked just fine with this arrangement ...

jcx2bby by Beginner
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Hello all,               I have set up dot1x on our network and enabled IP tracking. I checked the IP tracking database and it is empty, but as soon as I enable DHCP snooping, the IP tracking database becomes populated. Can anyone explain to me why t...

gerdo1961 by Beginner
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I am trying to understand the syntax to make a playbook to backup NX-OS devices. I am reading the following link: However, I am not connecting the dots - does anyone have a ...

romanroma by Beginner
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One of our ASA firewalls is about an hour and a half off and never had a NPT server configured.  Before I add one and change the time, are there any side effects to worry about?  Any chance of an interruption in traffic? Thank you.

Ten55 by Beginner
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