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Home network configuration


Hello All


I have a home network that I would like to incorporate an old 3750 switch too. Is it possible to set up the topology such that the connection from my ISP (a cable modem) goes to the switch, then out to my router, and a desktop wired connection as well?


I tried a set up that included a VLAN for the WAN connection, and a seperate VLAN for the wifi and wireless connections, the home network, with a static route to the WAN connection, but I was not successful. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated, I am fairly new to cisco, a student working on CCNA, so I am certain I messed up something here. thanks!

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Martin L
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it is possible but usually ISP modem connects to router who is default gateway for local network. router takes 1 IP from ISP and  does NAT with DHCP so that many PCs will be able to connect to Internet. Since router has limited number of Ethernet ports, we use switch and connect PCs to it. 

is your ISP box just a cable modem or do you have home wireless router that connects to cable modem?



Regards, ML
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yes, it is possible, Switch keeps it Layer 2 only. connect below :


ISP --cable modem(ethernet)----Port x/x 3750(VLAN1)Port x/y------Portx/z - setup IP(  Router)


Cable Modem you need to route add for the IP address behind the router.


your router default gateway point to cable model IP.


this should work, if not provide the configuration of the router and switch to understand.







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