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How to fetch router model and card's serial number

Jonn cos
Level 4
Level 4

Hi all.

I am writing a program so can someone pls tell me what snmp mib/oid i need to access to get router's model and card/network module name and serial numbers ?

Kindly guide me

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Level 4
Level 4


You are probably looking for this object:

entPhysicalVendorType OBJECT-TYPE
     -- FROM     ENTITY-MIB
     -- TEXTUAL CONVENTION AutonomousType
     SYNTAX          OBJECT ID
     MAX-ACCESS     read-only
     STATUS          Current
     DESCRIPTION    "An indication of the vendor-specific hardware type of the
            physical entity. Note that this is different from the
            definition of MIB-II's sysObjectID.

            An agent should set this object to a enterprise-specific
            registration identifier value indicating the specific
            equipment type in detail.  The associated instance of
            entPhysicalClass is used to indicate the general type of
            hardware device.

            If no vendor-specific registration identifier exists for
            this physical entity, or the value is unknown by this agent,
            then the value { 0 0 } is returned."

     -- FROM     SNMPv2-MIB
     SYNTAX          OBJECT ID
     MAX-ACCESS     read-only
     STATUS          Current
     DESCRIPTION    "The vendor's authoritative identification of the network
            management subsystem contained in the entity.  This value is
            allocated within the SMI enterprises subtree (
            and provides an easy and unambiguous means for determining
            `what kind of box' is being managed.  For example, if vendor
            `Flintstones, Inc.' was assigned the subtree
  , it could assign the identifier
   to its `Fred Router'."

entPhysicalModelName OBJECT-TYPE
     -- FROM     ENTITY-MIB
     -- TEXTUAL CONVENTION SnmpAdminString
     SYNTAX          OCTET STRING (0..255)
     DISPLAY-HINT     "255a"
     MAX-ACCESS     read-only
     STATUS          Current
     DESCRIPTION    "The vendor-specific model name identifier string associated
            with this physical component.  The preferred value is the
            customer-visible part number, which may be printed on the
            component itself.

            If the model name string associated with the physical
            component is unknown to the agent, then this object will
            contain a zero-length string."