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HUM summary not in Device Center


LMS 3.2.1 with HUM 1.2 . Devices being monitored in HUM do not have HUM summary data in Device Center. This used to be the case but I cannot recall whether has changed only since upgrading to LMS 3.2 or 3.2.1. The devices in question are definitely being monitored by HUM as it appears in device center view as a managing Application. Is this a known issue or can anyone point me in the right direction

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The only thing that would explain this behavior is a problem in the PIDM mapping in the cmf database.  Your log doesn't show the Gosford 6509 Sw 2 device, but I assume one of the 6509s shows itself managed by HUM in Device Center.  In that case, given that the server name is correct, my guess is that the app version in the PIDM_app_device_map table is not 1.2 for these problem devices.  You should contact TAC, and have them walk you through getting this data.  The value in the database could help point to a root cause.

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Joe Clarke
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

There is no LMS 3.2.1.  Do you mean you upgraded to HUM 1.2.1?  If you add a poller for a new device (i.e. one not being monitored by HUM) does Device Center have HUM options for it?

Sorry I meant HUM 1.2.1.

I added a poller for a new device to HUM and there are no HUM options in Device Center. In addition HUM does not show up as a managing Application for this device.

You may have a problem with your PIDM data in the cmf database.  Post a screenshot of Device Center showing a device which has a poller configured in HUM.

see attached screenshot

I cannot read DOCX files.  Just post a JPEG.

try this

Is this server integrated with ACS?

No, no ACS integration for authentication to LMS. We do however use ACS to authenticate for Telnet access to some devices that are managed by LMS.

Go to Common Services > Server > Home Page Admin > Application Registration, and unregsiter and reregister "Health and Utilization Monitor".  then see if you can see "Launch Device Dashboard" in Device Center.

no change after I followed your instructions. what i did notice when registering was that although I have HUM 1.2.1 installed, only HUM 1.2 was available as a template. The same goes for campus manager (5.2 when 5.2.1 is installed) and Cisco view (6.1 when 6.1.9 is installed)

Post your NMSROOT/objects/data/cmf/cmic/mst-templates/upm.1.0.xml file.