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LMS 2.6 Self Test fail



We had a server crash and when I brought it back up, LMS is having some issues. I imagine this is due to the database not being shut down cleanly. I did a self test and got the message below. I've tried restarting dmgtd but no dice. LMS 2.6 is running on a Solaris 9. Any assistance with this is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

FAIL     Self Test Fail to query dfmInv.DbVersion, Error: Database server not found (DBD: login failed)
     Self Test Fail to query dfmInv.SYSTABLE, Error: Database server not found (DBD: login failed)


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Nael Mohammad

1. Stop LMS daemon manager from /etc/init.d/dmgtd stop

2. Goto CSCOpx/databases.

3. In each subdirectory, you should move the *.log file to /tmp. For example, move CSCOPx/databases/dfmInv/dfmInv.log to /var/tmp or /tmp and do this repeatedly for each of the databases.

4. Start LMS from /etc/init.d/dmgtd start.

If the above does not work, post the /var/adm/CSCOpx/log/daemons.log file.

Thanks for the info.

I ended up doing complete restore with the LMS restore process. Everything appeared to work fine, but now I'm having some major issues with DFM. None of the alerts are clearing (manually or otherwise), devices are stuck in a Learning state at 10%, and I'm getting some weird errors in dmgtd.log during startup.  I'm getting several alerts about EssMonitor and jrm similar to the ones below.

#2107:TYPE=WARNING:The daemon manager cannot find dependency EssMonitor for EPMServer.  Message ignored

#2107:TYPE=WARNING:The daemon manager cannot find dependency jrm for DataPurge.  Message ignored.

If you have any ideas about this, I would appreciate the input.


Things are starting to look better on this server. I restarted dmgtd one more time and waited a while. The devices are starting to go from "Learning" to "Known" in DFM, so that's a good sign. I think the server is actually coming back to life. I'll have to wait and see how the alerts and activites monitor behaves once all the devices are known.

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