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LMS 4.0.1 Headaches


So our IT guys installed LMS 4.0.1 on a VMWare machine.  I went in and added a seed device, set up the credentials and other discovery settings.  Ran a discovery and came back the first time only discovering around 125 devices of those only 4 of them being reachable.  I double checked the credentials, ran it again and still same results.  I added a few seed devices, added discovery through just about every option on there (cdp, arp, ping sweep, etc).  That brought the count up to 197 devices discovered but still only 4 of them being reachable.  I then manually added in a bunch of devices. 

Now that I have manually added in devices I go to the different areas like inventory and that shows up with no devices.  They only show up on the discovery list under reachable devices and on the topology map.   

What am I doing wrong? 

Oh and somewhere in there with my changing seed devices around, my topology map always shows the discovery as running and all the solid link lines between devices are now red dash lines. 

Thanks in advance.


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Marvin Rhoads
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Generally speaking if you're new to LMS, I recommend at least reading this excellent intro guide written by another forum contributor:

     LMS (not just) for Dummies

Aside from that, specific to what you're seeing, double check your snmp credentials and potentially increase your snmp timeout.

Also check your "unreachable" (bit of a misnomer since that term includes things LMS can't establish snmp communications with even though they may be quite reachable) devices for potential access-lists applied to their snmp configurations.

Thanks for the link Marvin.  I'll read through it. 

I'm not really new to Ciscoworks but 4.0 is new to me.  I've used older versions before.  We are running an older version here and I pretty much used the same settings but 4.0 didn't like them.  I'm going to go through and change the timeouts.  I adjusted them once thinking that would help but maybe didn't go far enough.

I've verified the credentials several times now but I can try that again if everything else fails.

Thanks again.