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Steve Prescott

LMS 4.0 Fault Notification Groups

I am trying to setup Fault Monitoring on LMS 4.0.  When I try to create a Fault Notification Group no devices are listed. They appear to be listed in all other places so I am at a loss as to explain why they are not appearing.

Any help/suggestions much appreciated.  Please be gentle with me, this is the first time I've used LMS and am finding it a bit of a beast

Many thanks


Steve Prescott

Attached is what I am seeing.

I assume I am correct in saying that I have to get this up before any faults are going to get picked up and shown on the Fault Monitor screen.

These situations are mostly when one or the other processes are down, responsible for these details, like showing devices.

You may want to restart the daemon manager once and check if this is fixed. If the issue persist, share the output of pdshow from server (NMSROOT/bin/pdshow).


-Thanks Vinod **Rating Encourages contributors, and its really free. **

I have rebooted the server (several times!) and still have same problem.

Output from PDSHOW is attached

Many thanks

I have noticed that one particular service (DFM dfmFh database engine) is down, but when I attempt to start it I get the attached. Not sure if this is relevant.

I have managed to get the services started by initializing them as per the instructions here>>>

Hasnt made any difference though, still no devices appearing.

I have resorted to initializing all databases and performing a new discovery which worked fine, but now there are no devices appearing on the Monitor>Event Monitor screen either!


Steve Prescott

Bump for this thread. Hoping someone can help me out here

Steve Prescott

Problem resolved. Looking in Admin> Collection Settings> Fault & looking at the devices in there - they were all showing Error Code = SNMP Timeout.

Turned off Windows Firewall and problem resolved. Yippeeee!!!

Now to find out just what packets were getting denied as I was permitting SNMP & SYSLOG traffic.