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LMS 4.1 - Data migration from Windows to UNIX OS

Roland Theisen


I was using CiscoWorks LMS4.0 on a Windows server 2008 R2.

Now I wanted to do an upgrade to the newest LMS 4.1 version and in the same time switch to the new Linux soft appliance.

After that I copied all the backup data to the appliance, I launched the "" script and unfortunately got the error "The Backup archive is from WINDOWS . But the current OS is UNIX. Restore is not supported across OS."

Is there eventually any possibility to however migrate the data to the appliance?? As Cisco is offering the 2 platforms, there should be a possible migration path!

Thanks a lot in advanced for your help.

Best regards,

Marc Hoffmann

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Joe Clarke
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

No, this is not currently possible.  The only migration path is from Solaris to the Linux appliance.  Some data is migratable.  That is, you can export the device list from LMS 4.0 and import it into 4.1.  User data can also be migrated by copying the NMSROOT/objects/security/conf/cwpass.xml from one server to the other.

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