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Greg Matthews


I have installed LMS on Windows server local disk (D drive) with 40GB of storage and I want to 'move' the NMSROOT directory to SAN storage (E drive) with 100GB of storage.

I tried stopping all services and swapping the drive letters around but when services were re-started after a reboot whatever I tried to check (inventory, cisco view, etc.) I kept getting a 'LicenseServer' service is not running error. From 'Admin > System > Server Monitoring > Processes' I could see the service was indeed running but I still could not do anything.

Anyway of moving NMSROOT location from 40GB local drive to 100GB SAN storage WITHOUT having to unistall and re-install?



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Marvin Rhoads
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You'd be in an unsupported configuration even if you could hack it into working.

I'd recommend the best path would be backup, install in the new location and then restore to that installation. That would keep all your data intact.

You could use the opportunity to consider moving to a soft appliance version if you have a VMWare environment you can use. The ova-based installation is really quick and simple.

Note that if you are using a SAN, the only supported type is via Fibre Channel. Reference.

Just a little point here. While you can move to a soft appliance version, you cannot restore a backup from a windows system on a virtual appliance.

You can export the DCR and import it in the new server.

The server still needs to be reconfigured.



Hi Michel,

I haven't tried it personally but the installation guide indicates that you can backup from Windows system and migrate onto virtual appliance. (Reference.) Is that guide incorrect?

Hi Marvin,

The cisco documentation is more and more written to mention all that could be possible, rather than just mentioning the limitations. This makes the docs way too long and confusing.

It mentions windows slowaris LMS 3.2 to soft appliance.

Unless I see an explicit windows to (soft appliance) linux migration I would think it is not implemented.

It would require some conversion to be done on the backup, due to the hardcoded paths in config files. Not sure if the databases have a similar file format between windows and linux but I don't have high hopes for that. And also the database may contain paths that need to be converted.

As far as I know cisco has not done this.




Scroll down a bit in the page link I sent and you will see:

Migrating Data from Windows to Soft Appliance

To migrate data from Windows (LMS 3.2 SP1, LMS 4.01 or LMS 4.1) to Soft Appliance (LMS 4.2) in a remote machine:

To me, that's explicitly stating that it is asupported migration path.

You are right Marvin, I overlooked that

It must be supported now then. Good news for all.

Sorry for the fuzz.



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