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LMS-to-PI upgrade different hardware

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Level 1


Here is a scenario

LMS installed on virtual environment & PI appliance with upgrade license is purchased?
how to proceed with the installation on the newly purchased PI appliance with upgrade license? considering LMS will be out of network after PI on production

any clue

thanks, vishal


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Marvin Rhoads
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

 If it is brand new, you should check that it shipped with PI 2.1. If not, download and burn a DVD with the bootable ISO file.

Install the new physical appliance per the hardware installation guide. It should boot into a dialog asking you to setup basic parameters.

Once you have basic setup completed, you have the option of transferring your devices from LMS. If you have LMS 4.2.4 or later there's a menu option in LMS that will format the fields as necessary - otherwise you can just export a basic CSV and massage the fields a bit for PI compatibility - the import menu gives you a template (this is all covered in the white paper below).

I suggest you read and follow the PI 2.1 deployment guide white paper Cisco has provided at this page.