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ONT push via syslog to OLT


Hello community.

I've been looking for a way to get a message on an OLT via syslog for a few weeks now. The syslog should receive a message that a new ONT has been attached. Best of course also on which splitter.

Currently I can only configure the syslog in such a way that I see all my SSH commands on the syslog server, but do not get any messages pushed. How do I get notifications about when an ONT reports to the OLT?

BR Tim

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VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

to my knowledge a ONT/OLT splitter is a passive device (compare with multiple power outlets on a mains wire)
that's why you will never get info in what splitter the device is connected

What OLT device are we talking about ? this may help determining what commands are needed
generally syslog messages can be enabled with a "facility" number
-> check the sent facility configured matches that what your syslog server listens to.

Hello Pieter.

Unfortunately, that's not nice to hear. But thank you for your reply. It is a Genexis OLT based on the same syntax as Cisco OLTs. That's why I asked here.

With Alcatel/Nokia OLTs, messages from ONTs are actively logged. And we would like the OLTs to report to our system, hence the desire for syslog. But if that doesn't work...

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