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Mat Barry

Prime Infrastructure 1.2 User Tracking (UTLite)

                   Does Prime Infrastructure have a user tracking/UTLite utility?   I'm not seeing it, and it's a vital part of our daily use in LMS.  If not, is there any other way to track usernames with 1.2?

Thanks in advance.

Michel Hegeraat
Rising star

While there surely are new tings under the hood of PI 1.2 there is also still a lot of old stuff.

You don't even have to change anything in the UTlite on the client PC's, just point them to the new server.

And if I recall correct the app does not need an install. ju can just copy it to another PC



Much appreciated.   That's what I was hoping.

I was just skeptical due to not seeing any settings for the port, though I hoped it was just default.

Besides the old UTLite you can also use the LMS Widget. It's not quite as minimalist as UTlite but may be useful for the additional information it exposes.

Download it here.

I use the widget, but it pulls user data that the UTLite batch/app harvests.

We currently have a script in our GPO that pushes the UTLite33.exe and UTLite.bat to send user login data from windows to coordinate them with mac addresses and ip addresses.

If you don't run that utility on all logins, you can't pull user data from everyone (unless I'm missing something).

You're correct - my mistake.

I referred to UTlite when I was thinking of the old UTU (User Tracking Utility).


Are you certain that these tools function with Prime Infrastructure 1.2? I have both the Widget and the tracking utility (2.0) working just fine with Prime LMS 4.2 but I can't get either to work with PI 1.2. I tried changing the server to local authentication and TACACS but the Widget just hangs on logging in and the UTU states "Check whether you have configured the correct server name and port number." I tried changing to the IP address of the server and the fully qualified name of the server but nothing seems to work. I did install the certificates as well. Nothing seems to work.

I haven't got either of them to work at all.   There's nowhere to mark the port and even if I change the IP of the UTLite batch file, it doesn't report.

I'm not sure where the feature comparison (inf:lms) is getting the user tracking info, but maybe it's via ISE or something.   A real answer would be great on this, rather than having a blanket answer for all questions that say it MAY be in 1.2.1 or 2.0.

When I read the original thread, I was assuming an LMS 4.2.2 installation under the PI 1.2 umbrella. I see now folks are asking about native PI 1.2.

Prime Infrastructure 1.2 does not yet have all of the functionality of LMS 4.2.2. If you want LMS functions, stick with LMS 4.2.2 for now.

I've given the product marketing team my feedback over this confusion. I would encourage you to add your input to them (via your account manager or partner reseller) as well.