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web traffic redirecting

hii use many rangs of ip in my network , and i need to config my router; if a client have a web request from this source address to any ,should be redirect to a specific web page .the web server is in my network and our client can pin...

Find an IP address history

HI,This is probably a long shot, but we need to find when a particular computer using a known IP address was connected to our network.  Basically, we think an employee brought a home laptop in and connected to our wireless network.  The sys admins fo...

gshamlian by Beginner
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Resolved! LMS3.2 install without DNS

Hello,Got following problem with an LMS server that is installed without DNS server in the network, because this customer doesnt own and doesnt need any.CS,CM,CV is working and contains devices, but RME (cannot connect to db) and DFM (TIS URN found) ...

mis-match txload/rxload

These 2 interfaces are point to point.But why the tx and rx load does not match at all?router#sh int s0/1.104Serial0/1.104 is up, line protocol is up   Hardware is PowerQUICC Serial  Description: office  Internet address is  MTU 1500 ...

TFTP Backup

Hi friends,we have the TFTP server, with that iam able to backup the configuration of routers and switches.But with the same TFTP iam able to take backup of other devices. what might be the problem with those switches and routers.even through hyperte...