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Prime Infrastructure 2.0 possible to grab SNMP poll from WAN?

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Our objective is to monitor all our network devices using Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0 which include LAN site and WAN site. LAN site we have various of equipments example cisco router 3800, ASA 5510, Catalyst switch 6500 and other access switches. WAN site we have ASA 5520. Currently our ASA is located at ISP which has its own public IP. Question is, it is possible to monitor our ASA 5520 which at WAN site? Attached is our topology sample.

Note: We has no issues on monitoring LAN equipments.

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Mahabir Prasad
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Level 1

Hi remysyaku

Yes ofcourse you can monitor your WAN devices as well.

Are you facing any problem?



Yes. PI unable to grab the SNMP poll from the ASA which on the WAN site. Is there any additional configuration need to be done instead of creating snmp community string in ASA? FYI, all our private ip address is NATed on our cisco router 3800.

Hi Remysyaku

Are you able to do snmp polling on ASA from any other software like net-snmp etc.

I mean you need to check whther problem is snmp connectivity or PI is not able to manage ASA.

Also there is a bug due to which ASA5515x will be shown as unsupported in PI 2.0 but ASA 5520 and further should show managed correctly.



I use other software (solarwinds) but same error like PI. "No respond to SNMP Queries". What is the other possible reason for this?