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Prime Infrastructure 3.0 Inline upgrade Works for 24 hours then disk gets filled up.


Hi there,


Upgraded our Prime Infrastructure from 2.2 to 3.0 and every day we have to restore from a snap we did after the upgrade. The Disk seems to have filled up. The message we get on the V Centre is



And the resources look full but cant get in to have a poke around to see what's causing it. Anyway of getting it to boot in a way so we can get in to see what the issue is or is it a TAC case?


When we get the Snap image up and running we do a ncs stop; ncs clean; ncs start which leaves us like this disk wise

Directory of disk:/

         20 Oct 06 2015 20:56:58  crash
       4096 Oct 09 2015 12:50:54  defaultRepo/
       4096 Mar 06 2015 22:21:06  ftp/
      16384 Dec 11 2014 23:46:41  lost+found/
       4096 Oct 09 2015 12:51:04  sftp/
       4096 Mar 05 2015 13:27:19  ssh/
       4096 Mar 05 2015 13:27:19  telnet/
      81920 Oct 09 2015 22:01:18  tftp/

           Usage for disk: filesystem
                  197230592 bytes total used
                131897712640 bytes free
                139279441920 bytes available


Should I be looking to add some more disk?





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when you ssh to the pi try (if you have noot used root before you need to use root_enable and make a password)


df -h

then you get a nice view of how disk space is on your pi



Hi David,


It all looks pretty ok to me. Not sure what could be filling it up. I have it backed up every week to an FTP server so its not like its storing backup jobs on it. 

ade # df -h
Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
                      3.8G  473M  3.2G  13% /
                      3.8G  643M  3.0G  18% /var
                      694G  151G  508G  23% /opt
                      1.9G   36M  1.8G   2% /tmp
                      6.6G  1.3G  5.1G  21% /usr
                       93M  5.6M   83M   7% /recovery
                       93M  5.6M   83M   7% /home
                      9.5G  151M  8.9G   2% /storeddata
                       93M  5.6M   83M   7% /altroot
                      130G   15G  109G  12% /localdisk
/dev/sda2              97M  5.6M   87M   7% /storedconfig
/dev/sda1             485M   25M  435M   6% /boot
tmpfs                 7.8G  2.5G  5.4G  32% /dev/shm



Hey Graham,

  Run into something like this before.  Once the /opt directory went nuts, TAC called it a database error had to rebuild/restore from backup. Check during the day to see if the used space rises dramatically.

  Another time the VM volume was full.  VM assigns the disk space but does not actually fence it off.  The volume was close to full and when Prime went to write more data V center threw an error.



Heinz Rohner

Check for any created snapshots on the VM itself and delete them, this will free up disk space

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