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Prime Infrastructure 3.3 and 3.7: Geo map is no longer displayed.


In both systems since about 1 week no world map is displayed, but a blank screen. However, all set up campuses and buildings are still displayed. With the network analysis of the browser the URLs were determined and called manually. The following message appeared:


{"message": "Classic styles are no longer supported; see for more information"}


Apparently the mapbox-maps are no longer available for the Prime Infrastructure. Is there a workaround for this?


Any information here would be great!

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I apologize, the problem was sitting in front of the keyboard....


I remembered the post from "marce1000":

- To avoid browser-effects (caching, ....) , verify the issue with another browser(s).


Clear browser cache, one more time.
And I am happy again...


I can now join "18522Hannover" and confirm for version 3.8.1 that the bug is fixed with update 01.


Stay healthy!



Maybe - an interesting hint...

If you zoom in - too much - the map is blended out ...

It is possible that my previously described problem was simply a "zooming" problem!??!


Have a great day!


I got the information that the bug is fixed for our 3.9 Version.

So i installed the PI 3.9 Update 01 and its working now again.


So i checked to ther Updates for the 3.6, 3.7, 3.8 Version. And there are all fixed versions for that.

CSCvw84325 Prime Infrastructure may not render the background street maps in selected screens

PI 3.9 Update 01
PI 3.8.1 Update 01
PI 3.7.1 Update 05

PI 3.6 Update 04 there i am not clear. Because there is no link to the release notes




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