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Prime NCS boot failure.

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I encountered many problems since I have received my new Prime NCS appliance. Infact, it take 3 or 4 hours to boot and get the prompt (and sometimes, it never appears). I have downloaded the ISO file to reinstall the appliance, and I have tested it (it boot well on my personal computer). But when I try to boot on the DVD with the appliance (F12 at the boot, and select One time boot on DVD), it never ever boot the DVD. Same with USB key. I'm just getting this for hours :


Please wait, initializing legacy usb devices...Done

Broadcom NetXtreme II Ethernet Boot Agent v5.2.7

Copyright (C) 2000-2009 Broadcom Corporation

All right reserved.


So I have 2 questions :

- Is it normal that it takes so long to boot (in case of a reboot needed in production, there is no way 4 hours will be acceptable by our customer), or it never boot ? For information, I read the documentation and applied it step by step.

- Is there something I have to know to boot on the DVD or the procedure I do is correct (I'm 100% sure my DVD is working because I have tested it on an another NCS appliance and it worked well) ?


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Nael Mohammad
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Level 5

Think of the appliance as a linux box with a cisco shell that has Cisco Prime installed on top of it. That being said, you are correct, there is no way the box should take 4 hours to boot.

1. Are able to ping the box when the prompt is not displayed?

2. Are you able to SSH to the box from a remote console instead of local or kvm?

3. If no to above, most likely you have a defective appliance.

4. What shows up on the screen in those 4 hours?

Typical boot up cycle for the appliance should not be more than 10 minutes after all the post tests and linux startup. Raise a TAC SR and request an RMA for a new appliance or if you want to reload the DVD image, use the following recovery steps: