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Resolved! LMS 3.0.1 Package Query

Hi AllJust a quick query.Running LMS 3.0.1 with the following component versionsRME     4.1.1CS      3.1.1CM     5.0.6CV     6.1.7Asst     1.0.1Portal     1.0.1HUM     1.0.0Is there a next highest revision for any of these packages. I've been told th...

Strange issue with SNMP

Hello, I am facing an issue with SNMP .We have 3 sites (1-2-3) and a SNMP server on site 2.The 3 sites are connected via VPN l2l all terminating on cisco asa.The 3 sites are on different subnets (site 1, site 2 site 3 10...

Resolved! LMS - Config archive; Failed to establish TELNET session; correct credentials

Hi,I have a problem when arhchiving configurations from my campus devices (routers/switches/firewalls) using LMS.I am keep getting this error messages (for all devices):1.  PRIMARY           STARTUP           Nov 22 2007 12:30:05 ...

Matej G by Beginner
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Resolved! iLO on a router for remote access

Hello,I have secure shell access to all my routers on the network.  Often i am making changes remotely and am always worried about locking myself out of the device.  It has happened a few times when setting up aaa authenitication on the line tty 0 4I...

ohareka70 by Participant
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Documenting a network

Hi,I don't know if this is the right place, but here goes.I'm  about to document a network and before just collecting a lot of  information in some document, I thought I would create some kind of  template. Searching for information on best-practices...

Resolved! EEM daily reload script

Hi all,I've got a very small requirement that means I need to reload about 5 routers daily - these sites have very bad attenuation and reloading the router seems to sort it somewhat for a few hours so I'm ideally looking to write a script that will r...

Resolved! LMS 3.2 - Tomcat issue

Hello,We're having problems with one LMS 3.2 installation. A couple of months after installing and configuring all the LMS features (HUM included) we started to have problems accessing the GUI because of tomcat.exe process that is consuming almost 10...

DFM didn't send mail when alarm is cleared

Hello,LMS 3.2, DFM 3.2...Because of some reason DFM stops to send mails when alarm/event is cleared. When alarm is active mail properly come to inbox. Settings are the same like before, before some time smtp server was changed...Here is last logs fro...

mladenp by Beginner
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Resolved! LMS 4.1 fault management

Hi!The new LMS 4.1 has brand new GUI ! :-(Our question:How can i control the what kind of devices are  be asked by fault management.Now i found that Fault monitoring may be enabel/disable for all devices under "getting started/device management/devic...