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Reset Evaluation License on Cisco PI.

Dear all,

I am going to handover my Cisco PI to my Customer.

What is the easiest way to reset Evaluation License on Cisco PI 1.3 to 60 days.

Thanks & Best Regards


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Marvin Rhoads
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

The 60 day evaluation is for 60 days. You could backup your evaluation system data and then restore onto a new build with a fresh evaluation license if the customer intends to evaluate independently.

If they are using it in production, a full license should be purchased and installed.

Dear Marvin Rhoads,

My Customer purchased full license for this PI.

However, before start using it with full license, they intend  to evaluate by themself.

So I want to refesh the Evaluate License for them.

There is one way to do it is Reinstalling with instalation DVD.

I want to know other faster, contact Cisco? please advise.


The situation sounds unusual. I would think it is easier to just install the purchased license. But if you want to pursue this path, you'll have to ask Cisco if they will issue a new license for the evaluation. They will respond based on their judgement of the facts.