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Span session on all port of C6807-X switch



Someone ask me to configure a span session on a C6807 core switch :

He want all port traffic of the core switch as source and a single Gigabit Ethernet interface as destination of mirroring.


If it seems to be technically possible to configure :

The switch supports any number of source ports (up to the maximum number of available ports on the switch)


Do you think it will works correctly and it will be not dangerous for the switch health ? 

I do not understand how it’s possible to send so many traffic to just one Gigabit interface, even if all ports are not connected.


Thank you for your help.

VIP Expert

you can do both level. all port range and make sure destinatination not part of the list


below guide help you :


other thing you can also do out going interace from switch to uplink to monitor as exit point.



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Thank you Balaji. Indeed mirroring the trafic on uplink is good idea.


Another question, the same trafic can be seen on ingoing port and outgoing port, then will it be mirrrored to the span port two times ? and what about broadcast/multicast trafic ?


And last question for now : I do not understand how the traffic from more than 100 ports with many TenGigabit interfaces can ben copied to just a single Gigabit port without drop ?!? 


When you SPAN it mirrors the traffic of the Port, you can give in the command which direction you like to configure.


the document which was provided has command syntax.


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Thx, before posting here, I've read trhe doc.


My question is not about command syntax, it's easy to configure.


My question question is about how it works realy,  as I do not understand how you can send trafic from so many port (Te and Ge) to a single Gigabit port... and if it could cause trouble side effect on CPU or other....


That is the reason suggest method instead of all ports you can SPAN exit point to Minimise the Load.


To understand better what is the use case monitor all port, when all the information available on Exit port can give you information.


Please clarify here, so we can look for alternative suggestion.



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Ok, thank you.


I've suggested that to the requester, but anyway he want also traffic not going throught uplink, like between two servers connected diorectly the switch.


I've done what he what, the only limit was the switch limite to128 ports as source ports in the monitor session.  

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