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SSH gets disconnected when entering correct password on router

Hi All,


Whenever I am trying to access 1 router thr ssh, it asks me for the username and password but putty window gets closed when I entered the correct password. Same happening when trying from 1 linux server. When entering wrong password, it will ask for the password again but will not close the session. Please suggest.

VIP Mentor


 - Looks like the router may have some acl-like configuration to restrict ssh (vty)-access from specific sources only. Check the configuration from the native console of the router.




If it has a ACL then it will not ask for the password as well. It ask for the username and password and gets disconnected after entering password.


 - Could be some resource problem ; check the logs from the native console , when a valid user is attempted. issue show logging.


Right. This is the only option I have now to check it with console access.


Thanks :-) 


 - Yeah, there are  a few other things to consider too : 1) Specify a syslog server  from the native console ; check if any errors are reported on those failed logons 2) Reboot the rooter and check if the problem upon a reboot remains the same, if not a resource-leak could cause the problem to become visible after long  up-time (e.g.) 3) and or related check the current software version the router is running, if it's rather old consider upgrading , verify the problem afterwards.


Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

Sounds like a duplicate IP address to me.

Hi Leo,


Can you please explain me with the example. Do you mean that routers IP is getting used at somewhere else as well? If yes then how it will make issues while accessing device only?

@sarpareashish wrote:

Do you mean that routers IP is getting used at somewhere else as well?


There is one way to test:  Disable the router and see if the IP address is still reachable or not.

Thanks for the reply. Already have tried this. I had rebooted router yesterday and IP was not reachable when router was powering up. 

Hello sarpareashish,

Were you able to resolve this issue? I am having exactly the same problem.

What is weird is using Telnet it works.

Please let me know. Thanks