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Topology Maps showing Wrong errors - LMS 3.1


My topology maps shows a lot "RED" links. Above image shows an example.A link shows error is explained. Location 1 is connected to location 2 where  link speed mismatch is shown by Topology map - link report.

Now actually when i login to these two devices, they are connected to each other but none of the port is on 10 Mbps. more over, it shows Gig port to Fa port & on the other device it shows port 22 (actually its port 20.)

I am attaching same image for reference

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

It seems you have some bad data in the ANI database.  First, make sure you have the latest Campus service pack applied (i.e. CM 5.1.4).  You can get this under Common Services > Software Center > Software Update.  Once CM 5.1.4 is installed, reinitialize the ANI database with the following command:

NMSROOT/bin/perl NMSROOT/bin/ dsn=ani dmprefix=ANI

Then run a new Campus Data Collection, and your map should be consistent with the actual network links.


I have checked with my LMS. it shows 5.1.3 version of CM. Now when i upgrade it to 5.1.4 and reinitialize ANI DB,

1. Will my Endhost table, Device repository & Topology MAP will be rmain as it is ?


2. CM upgrade doc says it will clear all data. In that case, i fi restore last back up, everything written above (endhost, devices & MAP)  will be restored or do we have to draw a topology map (re arranging device on map) once again ?

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

1. No.  You will lose your UT and topology data.  You can preserve your UT data by reinitializing only the topology portion with the command:

NMSROOT/bin/perl NMSROOT/campus/bin/

2. If you have a known good backup, restoring it should give you back a good topology map.  The only data you would lose is the data collected between the time the backup was taken and when it was restored.

I wonder. i have not updated CM version to 5.1.4 & today when i have opened my Topology Maps, & i see my map is completely messed up.

I dont know how to restore ? i take daily backup of my LMS. I have last backup of 12/12/2009

Pl help.

I have already tried :

extracting CM backup folder's filebackup.tar & restores XML files to current NMS root (CSCOpx\campus\etc\users\myfloder ). its not working.

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

The XML files must be in sync with the ANI database.  Restoring the map files alone is not sufficient.  You need to restore all of LMS so that the ANI database and XML files are consistent with each other.

do i restore full CW backup of last good known DB ?

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

You must restore the full LMS backup.

We will try doing 'db restore' but, can you tell me why the map has gone all of a sudden from all user profiles ?

there is no major change in ANI. we have infact not done anything like that.

If i want to findout what went wrong for topology map , how can i find ?

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

The database IDs must have changed.  From this thread, I had assumed you reinitialized your ANI database to fix the link problems.  If this was not done, and the restore doesn't help, then I would recommend you open a TAC service request so additional debugging can be done.

Can i request TAC to be opened with you ? If yes, how ?

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

No, I no longer take service requests.  Your SR will be routed to the next available network management TAC engineer.

You can , and I do point TAC engineers to threads in the forum.

It will save you time of not having to re-debug the same this with the TAC.