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Topology overview java stops working
Level 1
Level 1

We use the topology overview all day long even at night. When we leave the company in the evening and come back in de morning the idle button in the right bottom corner of the screen is red. Then we have to restart the topology overview and have to kill the Jave process to make it all work again.

Is there a solution for our problem?

Thanks in advance

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Nael Mohammad
Level 5
Level 5

What version of LMS and Campus Manager are you running? Does this behavior occur on different workstation?

Post the Java console output after enabling debugs from the java control panel under advanced.

We are running CM 5.2.1 and LMS 3.2 . The problem occurs on different workstations and also on the server itself. I do not have the debug information from the java console jet but i will post it when i have it..
Level 1
Level 1

I have attached the output from the java console.