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UCS support for ISO install LMS 4.1

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Level 1


can we install the ISO LMS 4.1 directly on a UCS platform?

What platform UCS is supported?

Do you have install experiences you can share?

Is the ISO LMS 4.1 a Linux implementation?

kind regards


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Michel Hegeraat
Level 7
Level 7

I installed it onto of Windows 2006 R2 on a UCS C200 M2.

You can turn anything into an iso, it just a format of how things are writen on a disk. That's why you can mount and iso file as a disk.

The linux version comes as an ".ova " virtual appliance you can load into a VMware host.

I think the machine could probably run an ESX server and run 2 or 3 LMS servers depending on the number of devices to manage.

For performance reasons buying a bigger box won't help. I've installed LMS on pretty heavy systems and GUI performance remains bad.

I think the problem is with the tomcat part of things. That process is responsable for the web gui. AFAIK Cisco provides no guidance on this.

Cisco says performance will be better in the next version as usual.



Hi Michel,

Thank you for this reply, greatly appreceated.

Can you explain me why there are three different ova files to download? There is only one iso file. Does this mean that the *500.ova file is optimized and preconfigured  for the recommended specifications?

The license you buy is independent of the software used, so this could not be the clue. I think this is harware/resource related. Can you confirm?

Ad Olsthoorn

Yes I believe it has the adapted sizes for memory swap and CPU depending on the number of devices you wan to manage.



Do you happens to know what kind of version is the EVAL version is?



Hi, do you have some tools/checks to check if there are enough resources available for the best possible user experience (GUI) performance?

Kind regards


To my knowledge:

  • Eval is the smallest size RAM SWAP CPU limited to 100 devices
  • I'm not aware of anything to optimize GUI performance.

There are docs that show alternative values of memory to be given to the various java.exe's running the various jobs via their startup parameters. I don't think any of these docs touches on tomcat.



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