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UTLite v2 problem


We are running version 2 of UTLite - we have a problem in that the search box will not allow users to enter information into it after it has been minimised in the system tray - the only way around this appears to be to close and re-open the application. We are running the utility primarily on PCs with XP SP3.

Has anyone else encountered this, and is there a solution?

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Joe Clarke
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I assume you mean User Tracking Utility 2.0 as UTLite is something completely different.  I just tested on my XP SP3 machine, and I cannot reproduce.  Check your version of .NET.  I have 3.5 SP1.

Hi Joe - yes I did mean the User Tracking Utility - I have .net. 3.5 SP1 also.

I just checked the copy of UTU running in the system tray, and it is currently locked up.

If you're seeing this on multiple machines, you should see what they have in common.  My XP SP3 machine is very minimal.  I have very little installed.  UTU is the only thing I have in my task tray in addition to Windows default stuff.  I checked our case database, and no one else seems to be reporting this issue, so there is likely something on your client interfering with UTU.

Just saw this and I have had the same problem with UTU since I started using it.  It is an annoyance but I have never put aside any time to troubleshoot it.

I have experienced it across multiple different PCs but they do all have a common build. It's XP (prob SP3 I'm guessing) but I'm not sure of .net versions etc. I will try to remember to check when I'm back in the office.

Any specific info you'd like to see?

As I stated, I cannot reproduce, but I have a fairly generic XP SP3 installation.  I'm not a big Windows user, and I mainly use my VM for vCenter and to access Topology Services.  This means I don't have many apps installed (just AV, VIC, and Firefox).  Finding out if there is a common application installed between you and the original author may help identify a conflict.

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