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A single TIMEOUT drops Remote-Desktop Session on ASA

Imran Ahmad
Level 2
Level 2

Hello Guys,

Just recently we replaced our HQ Cisco-Pix with Cisco-ASA 5510.  where we have many branches connecting to our HQ through site-to-site vpn.

Since putting this new ASA5510 at HQ , while we are getting a  Remote-Desktop session  into our branches clients, and at the time when even a single TIMEOUT occurs on the vpn-link  so the remote-desktop session   gets completly lost.  then we have to re-connect the session.

This issue happens as i said above  when a single  timeout  occurs on the vpn link.   please tell me what is the issue with the ASA5510. because with pix we didnt have this issue,  remote-desktops were never geting lost / reset  with single  timeout

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Level 1
Level 1

We are experiencing the same problems.  We have an ASA 5510 and remote desktop sessions to Windows Servers 2003 and 2008 will hang or terminate.  Sometimes, I am able to re-animate the remote desktop session.  However, for my business associates this is not good.

Our SA Idle Timeout setting apparently is 30 minutes. 

Any advice would be appreciated.

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