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ASA 5506 lic question

Mariusz Kuriata
Level 1
Level 1

1. Will I get ANY subscriptions in ASA5506-SEC-BUN-K9 pls? There is no info o and all on-line shops just say it is ASA5506-SEC-BUN-K9...

2. What the difference between ASA5506-SEC-BUN-K9 and asa5506-fpwr-bun. I am after IPS...

3. Is it true that there are no switchports on this firewall?

2 Accepted Solutions

Accepted Solutions

Marvin Rhoads
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

ASA5506-SEC-BUN-K9 includes the Security Plus license. The other one does not.

Both include the software module with FirePOWER image pre-loaded and the base Control license (ASA5506-CTRL-LIC). To actually use the FirePOWER IPS features you'd need to add a minimum of the IPS license. (L-ASA5506-TA-1Y for one year, -3Y and -5Y also available). 

The 5506 FirePOWER can be managed using ASDM, so a separate FireSIGHT Management Center license is not strictly required (tho advised for greatest functionality).

Both SKUs also include the no-cost ASA 5500 Strong Encryption License (3DES/AES).

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