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Hello,I have a Firepower 2130 in platform mode. I can only access it via CLI and the software on the box is as follows:Device Manger: 7.15SSP OS 2.8ASA 9.14(2) 13When I try to add a bannner (login, motd, etc) with a lot of words I can only add a cert...

Tony T. by Beginner
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When buying cisco secure firewall 3105. we buy it once with whole features already running. if not, what is the features come with the device and what features required additional license.

hhamza by Beginner
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Is the SFR module on an 5516X ASA considered an FTD? Reason I ask is that I have FMCv v7.0.1 managing ASA 9.16 devices that have V7.01 Firepower code installed. The option to upgrade to Snort3 seems to be available but documentation says Snort3 is on...

tato386 by Frequent Contributor
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In the ASA failover setup, primary>Active firewall the show module shows the SFR status. as init state not UP state. I got the same result. after reload the SFR module #sw-module module sfr reload. #show module unable to read details from module sfr ...

Hello All, We have Cisco FTD pair configured with HA. Recently we have updated the FTD with 7.0.5 version with this we have also upgraded snort-2 to snort-3 (as per recommendation). Both the requirement has been completed properly. But .. Post than a...

Hisee image belowI was planning on upgrading to 7.05 which looks now to be cisco reccomended version, but after double checking the matrix it seems that thats not an option as if I upgrade FMC to 7.05 it wont be able to manage the FTD's, version 7.2 ...

benolyndav by Enthusiast
  • 16 replies
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