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Hi all I'm having issues with the logging configuration on cisco ASA's, the asa's will log blocked traffic to the asdm console and systelog but it seems to deplend on the incoming ports. It is logging at level 4, which looks like it should log block...

Buenos dias, Necesito una ayuda con la configuración de mi firewall cisco el cual tengo con dos servicios de internet conectado funcionando sin problema alguno, tengo un balance de carga entre los dos ISP y esto me funciona de maravilla, ahora el te...

IT by Level 1
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 a customer has provided me with some security concerns to resolve , im not sure how to do them as they seem advanced from basic firewall rules , also im not sure if all of them are applicable to the asa firewall? please help 1-Please install a serve...

baselzind by Level 6
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Hi Guys, Hope you are all doing well. I need help with my setup. Above is my setup. I was trying to get the R1 synch the clock with the NTP server. I pointed to my ASA's interface as my ntp server. The ASA is already sync. It is connected to Cloud...

Randyx by Level 1
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Hi folks, I've been trying to access to the Remote Desktop of a PC in my LAN (behind the ASA) but no luck so far. Inside the LAN I can access to the RD without problem, the problem is from internet (public IP address). I'm configuring ASA through ASD...

Hello, community! I have to choose firewall for a big enterprise network. I’m CCNP in R&S but new to firewalls. The goals of the firewall will be: Filter traffic branch to HQ 600Mb.NAT company traffic to the Internet, ~900Mb.    At this point, I’m se...

Hi Support, I have a litte issue I have a Cisco ASA 5525-x using version 8.6 (1) My issue is that i cannot configure nat to allow users from Internet to access servers located on dmz1 and dmz4 The nat should use the outside ip interface. outside ip...

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