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We have an ASA5506 and I'm trying to have an IP address that is accessible on the outside interface be accessible on the inside interface. I can ping the address if I select outside interface but there is no response when trying to ping from the insi...

bwn by Level 1
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I have a Firepower 1140, locally managed, not connected to FMC. It came from cisco with version 7.0.1. It was updated to 7.2.4 by mistake and we reverted the upgrade after it successfully upgraded. Then we tried to update it to version 7.0.5. The upg...

GilR by Level 1
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When creating rule using ASDM it get duplicated under another interface. Below is an example . when I try to delete the duplicated rule the original rule get erased as well. Please look into this matter urgently .

Hellow Everyone,We have a query about Brute force attack. Can Cisco FTD(2110) prevent brute force attack through IPS? I know that, IPS has a brute force attack signature. When i have enabled this signature it do not drops any brute force attack packe...

Hi Cisco Firepower experts, I am preparing a FMC migration from old 1000 model to 1600 model. Got 2 questions. 1. Can the target FMC use a different MGMT IP other then the existing one? 2, The FMC is sending logs to SIEM, during the cutover, would th...

Hello together,    we have a monitoring running in our headquarter and we have several remote sites connected via a S2S-Tunnel connection.  Now we also want to monitor our remote sites via SNMP through the VPN-Tunnel. On the ASA I needed to configure...

Nils.w by Level 1
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Resolved! FMC Warning

HiIs it ok to update feeds manually as suggested in this article does it cause traffic inspect interupt?, should this be done out of hours?? Config only FMC: SI feed downloaded file does not match expected checksumCSCwa07390  

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