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Hi team,have a question regarding access come if any any eveyrhting works fine.however when i want to allow lets say connect to facebook, and everything else disable so i put source(inside) network(any-ipv4) ports(any) destination(outside_z...

BornJames by Level 1
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Hello,I'm attempting to copy an image file to an ASA firewall using FTP.  I have an IIS FTP site on a Windows 2019 server.  Basic auth.  No SSL.  I have a local Windows account created which has modify rights on the root folder of the FTP site.My com...

Hi guys,I have FTD(active and passive ver 7.0.1) managed via FMC ver 7.0.1.I have configured the syslog server in FMC to forward vpn logs to the syslog servers.i am not seeing any vpn logs in the syslog server. I want to know how i can identify the l...

hi, the current deployment i have is the NGFW which is in routed mode so i can use as gateway for all inside subnets. it connects to the ISR router before its connect to the public internet (connection between NGFW and ISR router still private networ...

Patts by Level 1
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Hi All,We are currently running FMC and FTD with user identity access control polices. FMC is integrated with ISE, which in turn is integrated with our on-premises Microsoft Active Directing domain using WMI so that user to IP mappings can be passed ...

dm2020 by Level 1
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