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Hi Team, We have been asked to respond to the queries as mentioned here: What is the role of CPU in packet handling? Does CPU utilized in normal traffic forwarding? Does the model support Auto Failover and Failback Solution? Does the model support ...

ymadheka by Level 4
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Dears I m blocking a streaming media category in url filtering but it is not getting blocked, and it is falling in the default action,  I have a question that without enabling SSL decryption https websites cannot be blocked ??  as I have seen in foru...

Hey all-- I'm currently setting up a new ASA. I've got the site to site vpn working, but i'm not able to ping across. Packet tracer tells me it fails on an ACL level Here is the full configuration: Result of the command: "show run" : Saved:ASA Ver...

I've got a standard single interface router hosting a number of ipsec tunnels.  I'm attempting to add a loopback interface and enable nat outside on the physical interface.  The second I enable ip nat outside I lose ssh and telnet access from both in...

Dear Guy, My customer have two ASA 5520 appliances. They have purchased since 2012, it's expired and end of sale. They want to re-image and protect for new zone (only use Firewall function). is it possible? and what's image good version for them? Tk...

Hello Everyone, Our organisation maintains customer networks remotely and all the clients are segregated based on VRF (ex VRFa is customer 1 , VRFb is customer 2 stc.). This VRF is configured on the Routers through which we get connected to client's...

MSIS SOC by Level 1
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