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Resolved! ASA Upgrade Path

Quick question. I'm updating some 5540's from 8.4(7) to 9.1(x) and looking at the upgrade path, their are updates that need to be completed for other versions that are later than 8.4(7), but 8.4(7) just looks like you can go straight to 9.1(x), which...

Dear I have migrated from 8.2 to 9.2 i have verified the configuration it has been migrated properly but I see lots of below commands not for only inside and DMZ but for others interfaces also, , object network obj_any subnet  ------...

adamgibs7 by Frequent Contributor
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Dears, I have migrated the 8.2 configuration by the following way: copied the running config from 8.2  version by tftprenamed the copied file in (txt) and upload in new asa.I have reloaded the asa it migrated the configuration. I have 2 question bel...

adamgibs7 by Frequent Contributor
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Hi All, I have a problem with setting up static mapping on 5525 with the latest software, Configuration attached. Briefly, that has been implemented on ASA5525 object network sqldr host access-list acl_out extended permit tcp any obje...

szczyrk80 by Beginner
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HI,there is a problem when a Biztalk server form the outside try to access the inside network through Cisco ASA 5520. It shows to me this Log on the Inside firewall:    6|Feb 23 2010|13:41:05|302014|Biztalk-TEST2|3060|idev4|1526|Teardown TCP connecti...

HadeedAuto by Beginner
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Team, I want to know what Cisco FW having firepower module cant do that Cisco WSA can ? I mean is it still required to use WSA if we have NGFW with firepower module ? I think NGFW should be able to replace WSA/ironport and ESA  . Thanks, Prashant

Hey, I would like to know how cisco asa can secure banking & financial organization networks from unauthorized network , for example: I am customer of one of bank and i use online banking for transactions (purchasing, transfer money, other)  and h...

Hi to all, I have one user with Read-Only privileges (level 5). When I try to access to the device via ASDM, the launcher opened the dashboard but when the ASDM is parsing the configuration, the application ask me the credentials one more time. If I ...