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Resolved! FirePOWER & FireSIGHT Licensing Question

Hi, I recently deployed 5508X w FirePOWER and FireSIGHT MC. I licensed the product in FireSIGHT MC as below: My question is, because I don't have Control/Protection licenses enabled, I cannot license the added sensors or create any policies. "L-ASA55...

Initial Configuration of ASA 5505

Hello, I have a new ASA 5505 and a Win 7 Pro laptop. I cannot get the initial Java based Webstart to run so I can do intital configuration. I have the latest version of Java, and have also tried old versions of Java. Whatever is supposed to come from...

config firewall 5512

Hi,  i am trying to configure my new firewall 5512. here is how i configure and not getting out to internet. My internet service provider has also a cisco firewall place on premise which has the following configuration.  interface GigabitEthernet0/0 ...

macboy276 by Beginner
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Resolved! ASA 5510 - How to use outside NAT, Traffic from internal adress using different wan adress for a specific port

Hey all,This is the situation:(the shown ip adresses are fictional)We have a server with the internal IP Adress of Our public Adres is We also have a public adress of server needs to send traffic over...

Resolved! Mr. Michael Mutua

  Hi Support,I have a problem that i am trying to get a solution for.In our domain, we can not receive EXTERNAL EMAILS except for the few individuals whose mail accounts have been hosted in the cloud.  Below are my ASA Configs Password: ************x...

Resolved! NAT IOS 9.1(5)

Hello I need to setup an inbound nat rule using the following:  - inbound nat will be translation ip will be - outside host What would be the best way to create this rule?  

dukeminus by Beginner
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ASA threat-detection

Hi,I am trying to understand ASA threat-detection feature but I have not been able to find much details. How can I see what criteria is used by ASA to determine if a connection is threat? Any documentation detailing this !

Sar891 by Explorer
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