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hi, i want to set up our ASA to send notification to our admin via mail, i am trying to configure email notification on Configuration > ASA FirePOWER Configuration > Local > System Policy but when i try to test it failed. thank you! Best Regards, Ph...

Resolved! Firepower on 5506

Dear friends! I installed a 5506x on my company and I decide to upgrade the firepower software to version 6.0, but was impossible to migrate straight version 6.0, then I made the upgrade to version, after that I trayed to upgrade to versi...

Hello, when configuring snmp-server groups on a cisco switch, what does read v1default write interface mean? Can the snmp-user read the whole switch configuration with all the passwords? The current configuration is read interface write interface, s...

Porti1996 by Level 1
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Hi everyone, I'm trying to find out the best way to restore the config on an HA pair of ASAs. Let me give you the scenario I'm facing. 1) There are 2 ASAs in an Active-Standby pair. This is already configured and working as expected 2) User takes ba...

esink4601 by Level 1
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Help please, CIsco ASA 5505 9.2 I am trying to allow a specific public address to access an internal subnet.  I have multilple devices inside my network that need to talk to a device on with a public address.  The traffic flow is bi-directional.  I k...

Hello, When i migrated fwsm transparent context to asa context(transparent),i am getting packet drops.I have two vlans bridged to one BVI. 1) Gateway itself is giving packet drops 2) When one vlan is removed from bridge and put another ip address in ...

girchand by Level 1
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Resolved! ASA5506+Fp 6.0

I need to upgrade to version 6.0 on my FP module, but the ASA/Module aren't seeing any updates for 6.0. Can i use the commands below to upgrade to the latest firmware? hostname# sw-module module sfr recover configure image disk0:file_pathhostname# s...

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